Have Confidence in ME

Don’t cast away your confidence in ME, but cast away your fears, doubt and unbelief, says the LORD. For not only is that contrary to Me, but it is contrary to you. I have brought you out of tormenting darkness and you are in the light of My kingdom that is endless. The darkness, depression and defeat are PAST TENSE in you, because I have made YOU a new creation in Me that is filled with the light of My Spirit and the hope of MY glory, says the LORD.

Thoughts of defeat are not from Me, says the Lord. I have come to destroy the diabolical works of the evil one and shield you from his fiery darts as you use your faith in Me that protects you from every attack. You are not a defeated foe, but a beloved friend. The dark one has no power over you, but I have given you authority over Him, by My Spirit in you, the Sword of My Word, and My Greater power, to tread all over him. You are on top. He is on the bottom, and you have the victory because of your faith and trust in Me, says the LORD.

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