There is never a time that I will remain silent, says the LORD. I am always speaking, and My voice of many waters will constantly move, resound, reach and be heard by those who will listen, says the LORD. Just be still! Quiet yourself in My presence, and hear My voice, for I Am speaking to you, giving you wisdom and counsel, and directing your path! You will know My will. Just hear and obey, for I said that My sheep will HEAR My voice, and follow Me, says the LORD.

You are the sheep of My pasture, says the LORD. I Am never negligent! I know where you are, what you need, and there is NOTHING that gets past me! I will attend to you and meet every need that you have as you take Me at My WORD and trust Me as your constant care giver. You will never have an unfulfilled need, never be unkept, and I will also give you the desires of your heart, as you wait on Me, and entrust Me with your total care, listen to My voice that is deep within you, and follow the leading of My Spirit, says the LORD.

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