I Am shifting things, turning things, overturning things, says the LORD. The diabolical plans and plots of the enemy are exposed and foiled. I Am stripping the sheep’s clothing off the wolves and they will not be welcome among My flock. They will no longer deceive you and their hiding places will no longer conceal their identity or give them refuge. I will bring judgment and justice and vindication for you, and you will no longer mourn over the things that you have lost, says the LORD.

I will restore! I will revive! I will renew! I will breathe new life into you, says the LORD. YOU WILL LIVE AGAIN! You will laugh again! You will LOVE again! Your hope will be renewed, and I will give you a sense of worth that you have NEVER HAD BEFORE! You are highly valued and loved by Me, and those who discredited you, rejected you, despised you, and hated you only did so to Me. For I have personally taken the abuse with you, and I WILL OVERRIDE those illegitimate decrees of the evil one, and not only give you ultimate victory, but a NEW PLACE and position in Me of honor and authority, says the L

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