I Am the Great Physician, says the LORD. I don’t practice medicine, I Am the cure. I Am the Living God, the LIVING Word, and it is penetrating, life giving, healing, delivering, restoring, renewing, strengthening, and empowering. There is no guess work with Me. My understanding is infinite, and My power is unsurpassed. You can totally trust in My care for you, for I Am the GOD that heals you, says the LORD.

Believe that I Am able to do this for you in all things pertaining to your life, says the LORD. For I Am not going to make exceptions and exemptions. You qualify for everything that I have promised you, and those promises will become your provisions as you simply believe and receive them. Don’t cast away your confidence in Me, but throw away your fears and doubts, and prequalification list. For healing is what belongs to you, a grace that is My gift to you, and you cannot earn My favor and grace, but you will embrace all of My promises and provisions by simple, dependent, unrelenting, unwavering faith in Me and My infallible Word, says the LORD.

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