I Am your comforter, says the LORD. I will comfort you on every side when you have troubles on every side. I will hold you in My arms, close to My heart, and refresh you in My presence. My voice will be quiet and reassuring, as you rest in My love. I understand the pain that you have endured, and I have come to heal the wounds of your heart and make you whole, says the LORD.

Not only do I bottle your tears, but I will wipe them away, says the LORD. The anguish of your soul is never ignored. I will soothe you, and gently stroke your head to let you know that I care and I Am there with you, always to help you through the difficulties you face. I Am your compassionate Savior and LORD, and I Am touched by the very feeling of your infirmities. Just recognize My presence and receive My comfort, and be aware of My constantly abiding, tender-loving care for you, says the LORD.

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