I Am your healer, says the LORD. Don’t have any doubts about that at all. I made you. I can fix you. There is no other who can! Just believe and receive, for I do not abandon the work of My hands, and I cannot forsake you. Just know that there is nothing about you that I Am unaware of, and you are greatly loved by Me. You are valued, important and meticulously cared for by ME, says the LORD.

Healing belongs to you, because I Am YOUR Great Physician, says the LORD. I want you to be every wit whole. I get no pleasure out of your pain and I AM not the author of it. I Am the One who does all things well, and I do everything for you that is GOOD. You are precious in My sight, and I enjoy provisioning you, perfecting you, beautifying you and filling you with My joy and gladness. I love you always, and I will heal, repair, revive, restore and renew you as you place your entire focus and confidence in Me as the ONE who created you and cares for you always, says the LORD.

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