I am your sanctuary and place f safety, says the LORD. You are safe and secure in me at all times. Do not fear what man can do to you. I Am your defense and you are not a sitting target. Nothing can conquer you. No one can harm you. I Am by your side to help you, and I will protect you and take care of you, always. You are undefeatable in Me, says the LORD.

Nothing can access you while you are in My presence, says the LORD. You are safe in My arms that hold you, secure you, comfort you, provision you. The enemy may taunt you and ridicule you and threaten you, but he cannot enter into My pavilion for you. Just relax. All is well, because I Am your GOD. Let the enemy mock on, for that is all he can do. Although he may parade around, and brag about what he is capable of doing, his weapons are disfunctional, and his roar is just noise. You can rest in My care, knowing that you are always kept by Me, and I Am your abiding sanctuary, says the LORD.

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