I Have Not Decreased in Power and Authority

You know Me, says the LORD. You know My power. You have the record of the miracles that I have performed on earth. You heard about My mighty works among the children of men. I have not changed. I have not decreased in power and authority. What I did in the past is what I will do again and again and again. For I displayed My will when I performed My mighty WORKS, and My Word is alive and powerful, life giving, healing, delivering and saving. It will penetrate the impossible situations in your life and change them, says the LORD.

Never neglect My Word, for as you attend to what I say, you will be attending to your own needs as well, says the LORD. For My powerful Word covers everything that you need, that you desire, that you hope for and that you will ever NEED. For tomorrow will be the same as today, and yesterday’s provision and help are only the patterns of what I will do today, tomorrow and forever. Nothing has changed with Me, but I will change you, as I turn things around for you and turn your sorrow into joy. I will give you EVERYTHING you need, as you entrust me with your care at all times and watch Me work on your behalf, says the LORD.

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