God AnswersI have heard your prayers. I have seen your tears. I have witnessed your pain.  I have recorded your thoughts toward me. I have observed the troubles that you have on every side, and I will answer YOU, says the LORD.  You have My undivided attention all the time. I never have to turn around to see you, listen to you or notice what is taking place. I Am with you always!  I Am not sleeping. I Am not ignoring you. I AM not refusing to help you.  I Am always the Way, the TRUTH and the LIFE in and around you, and I will make a way for you, says the LORD.

Be of GOOD courage, for you will not be destroyed, says the LORD.  Can I allow that to happen?  No, not on MY WATCH, and I am always alert, ready, able and willing to defend you, help you, secure you and supply all you need.  Always is always, and there is not even a split second that I will lose consciousness of you.  I do not blink an eye or turn My head away from you.  I CARE for you meticulously, constantly, completely and wonderfully.  You are in My hands that created you, furnishes you, perfects you, comforts you and supplies you.  Do not have sorrow of heart, but rejoice that I have heard you, and I WILL ANSWER, and that is a GOOD REPORT and GOOD NEWS for YOU, says the LORD.

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