I Will Give You the Increase

I will give you the increase, not the decrease, says the LORD. I will give you added strength, not weakness. I will give you unspeakable gifts that will not be taken away from you, and they are always good. The things that are negative and harmful are not from ME. I give you GOOD things to enjoy. I bless while the enemy destroys. I honor when he dishonors. I multiply, not divide. I am your healer, not the one who sickens you. I Am with you to give you good success, not failure, says the LORD.

I will build you, and lift you, and encourage you, and supply you, and promote you, says the LORD. You will have more than enough as you entrust your life to Me, honor My infallible Word, and walk with Me. You will not be small, emaciated, weak or beggarly, but blessed. I Am unchanging in My love and presence in your life, regardless of the circumstances that you are facing. TURN YOUR EYES on Me and attend to MY WORD. For nothing can alter it, or stop Me from honoring you, as you honor Me by your faith and trust and confidence in Me at all times. I AM faithful and true, and you can depend upon Me to not only supply your need, but to give you more than enough, so that you will be blessed to be a blessing to others, says the LORD.

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