I Am your everything, says the Lord. I AM your All in All. You will be complete in ME. You will be fulfilled in Me. You will have everything that you need, as I occupy you, fill you, empower you, equip you, and help you. There is NOTHING that I do not have, nothing I cannot do, and nothing that is too difficult for Me. ALL means All, and you need not look for any other source, says the LORD.

I Am all that you need, says the LORD. I know everything, I Am with you always. I KNOW what you need. I will supply! I Am almighty, and there is nothing that I will not do for you as you place your confidence in Me, and trust in Me at all times. I can make the dessert blossom when no one even sees it. I can make the wilderness places in your life to become a productive garden. I have caused the barren to conceive. I have fed the sparrows. I have provided for every creature that I have created. Can I not do that for you? Trust Me. Believe! I will never fail you. I will take care of you, and you will have everything that you need, as you entrust your entire life to Me, says the LORD.

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