I will restore you, says the LORD. I will resurrect your dreams and visions that you have buried and abandoned long ago. Nothing is past the point of possibility, and your funeral ceremonies will be replaced by songs of deliverance. For you will also be amazed when you revisit those things you thought were dead, dry, decayed and no longer possible, says the LORD.

I will turn your sorrow into joy, says the LORD. You will laugh, just like Sarah of old, when she held her newborn baby son, Isaac. She could hardly believe it, as she embraced her miracle. I will do great and mighty things as I rekindle the fires that went out, ignite the cold coals, and raise you up in newness of life. You will have joy and wonder as I make good on the promises you forgot about, the things you did not receive, and your tears of sorrow will be turned into tears of joy, and you will laugh out loud when I turn things around for you, says the LORD.

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