My Grace is Inexhaustible, Unimpeachable, Constant

My grace is more than enough for you at all times, says the LORD. It is inexhaustible, constant, unfailing, unimpeachable, full of loving kindness and free, because you depend upon Me as your Savior and LORD. I will not hold anything against you, but will forgive your sins and heal your land, as you turn away from them, turn toward me, and take the steps that I have ordered for you in the path that I have enlightened for you, says the Lord.

When you stray, as your GREAT SHEPHERD, I will find you! You will not be in he claws of the bear and the jaws of the lion. I will rescue you. I will release you from bondage and set you free, because you are the sheep of My pasture. I will not cast you out of My presence, but want you to have constant communion and fellowship and intimacy with ME. I love you, and will adorn you with My grace and glory, because you have known My name, and are My beloved, unforgettable child, says the LORD.

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