My Word is Powerful

My Word is powerful, says the Lord. I do not speak empty, unproductive things. I created with My Word. The worlds were framed by My Word. What I speak is not a figment of someone’s imagination, or a stretch of the truth. I cannot lie, exaggerate or give empty promises that cannot and will not be performed. I will honor MY WORD, and I will do exactly what I said, if you will only believe and receive, says the LORD.

Take My Word at face value, says the LORD. Don’t weaken what I say by trying to figure it out. JUST BELIEVE what I SAY and trust that it is what I mean. I will honor your faith in My Word by performing it in your life. My Word is spoken to build your faith, build you up and create in you life-giving substance, for My Word is Spirit and life. It will give you New life, heal you, revive you, refresh you, renew you, cleanse you and bring you ultimate deliverance, as you simply act upon it with simple, child-like, dependent faith, says the LORD.

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