Step out of that dense darkness that can even be felt, and walk in My light, says the LORD. Take the steps that are well lit before you, for they are straight ahead of you. Forfeit the confusion, and realize that since I have not authored it, the enemy is the one who has created it. I will give you clarity. Shut your ears to the naysayers and listen to My voice that is leading you gently on. Close your eyes to the raging storms of life, and focus your attention on Me, and hold onto My unfailing hand, says the LORD.

Not only will I still the storms, but I will bring a quiet peace into your life, says the LORD. I AM YOUR PEACE, and when I abide, you have all that I Am, all that you need, and MORE THAN enough. Nothing can defeat you. Noting can harm you. Nothing can alter you, as you stand, complete in Me, untouched, unscathed, and unattached to the things that are vying for your attention. JUST look onto ME, and KNOW that it is well with you, and that with me, you will overcome, rather than become overwhelmed, slay every giant, weather every storm, defeat every enemy, possess your personal promised land of blessing, and expand My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the Lord.

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