I will fix the things that are troubling you right now, and you will go on to the next things, says the Lord. Yes, there will be a next, and there are other things that you will face, but be of GOOD CHEER. None of them will harm you. None of them will stall My good work in you. None of them will impede your progress in ME. Just as I deliver you from all destruction today, I will do it tomorrow, the next day and every day you live. NOTHING WILL overwhelm you, but your faith will be built, your favor will increase, and your territories will expand. You will be stronger and stronger, and bolder and bolder. Even when you are troubled on ever side, I will send My angel with a sword that will protect you on every side as one that I sent to guard the tree of life in the Garden of Eden, with a flaming sword that turned in every direction to protect it, says the LORD.

Every day there will be new challenges for you with renewed grace and favor and provision from ME, says the LORD. The things that are meant to destroy you will only FORTIFY YOU! You can say, “Ha ha,” and laugh at the enemy who thought he was disabling you. Everything turned against him as I ENABLED YOU! His plan to steal only brought you MORE blessings. I have poured out blessings upon blessings upon blessings for you, and like the rain, you cannot even contain it all. I keep pouring out My Spirit, pouring out My love, pouring out My glory, pouring out My grace, pouring out My immutable blessings, and you will not have to worry about ONE thing! I have your back, your front, and surround you, under gird you, cover you and nothing can separate you from Me who is there to help you to overcome anything and everything, always, and you will know that I will fix everything or you, from yesterday, today, tomorrow and forevermore as you entrust all to Me, says the LORD.

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