I Am the GOD of RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE AND JOY IN MY HOLY SPIRIT. That is what My kingdom is. There is NO unrighteousness in Me and My kingdom. NONE at all! I Am the GOD that executes JUSTICE and My Judgment is always righteous. I cannot do anything that is flawed or tainted or unjust. TRUST IN ME. There is NO peace and joy when righteousness is absent, but with Me it is NEVER missing! You will have JUSTICE. It will be served! I cannot leave you in the hands of the unrighteous and allow evil to prevail against you! You are brought into MY KINGDOM that is without end. My kingdom is yours to share with me, and MY RIGHTEOUSNESS is what I have imputed into you as one that I have planted in My kingdom as a tree of righteousness, says the LORD.

I have Made you righteous. I have made you holy! You are given this in Me, by your faith and trust in Me as your Savior and LORD. I have not only imputed righteousness into you, but I will give you right things. I will decree righteousness over your life. I will pour out MY righteous Judgment and you will have JUSTICE, as I avenge you of your adversaries. Vengeance belongs to ME. I will not leave you in the jaws of the lion and the claws of the bear! I will rescue you. I will save you. I will defend you. I will protect you, and I will release you from the snares of the enemy and spoil his plans that he devised against you to destroy you. I have rebuked the destroyer for your sake, and I will restore comforts to you and turn your sorrow into joy as I vindicate you, justify you in ME, restore you and give you the victory that belongs to YOU that I have decreed and secured FOR YOU, and you will have righteousness, peace and joy in My Holy Spirit and in your life, says the LORD.

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