Sing and Shout the Victory

SongSing and shout the victory before you even see it, says the LORD. For as you rejoice in Me, you will march right into the winner’s circle and receive the trophy, as I raise up your arm and proclaim that you are the grand champion. You will NOT be defeated! You will not be knocked down. I have stood by you in the heat of the battle, and I have secured you through the worst attacks of the enemy. I have been your shield, and remain the same, always, says the LORD.

The enemy does NOT have the advantage over you, says the LORD. His wisdom is foolishness, compared to MINE. His weapons are unprofitable and will not work against you. For I Am your redeemer. I Am your defense. I Am a MAN of War, and every battle is MINE. You belong to ME, and there is NOTHING that the evil one can do against you as I Am faithfully by your side. Let him mock on, for his stout words against you are an insult to Me, and they will be as weak as water, and be empty and unfruitful. MY WORD for you will Work and I have already spoken that you will win. You will be undefeated, victorious, and overcome every difficulty. The diabolical works of the enemy will be exposed and destroyed, and I will rebuke the destroyer and put him to open shame as I avenge you of your adversaries, perform My righteous acts, and publicly proclaim you to be the winner, says the LORD.

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