Don’t raise the white flag to the enemy or surrender to him when the battle gets hot, says the LORD. You cannot make a truce with him or compromise, for all his sweet talk is full of lies and deceit. He never tells the truth but only entraps his victims by making things look good, when they are only destructive, says the LORD.

Fight to the finish, says the LORD. For you are NEVER to cower, never to retreat, never to be pushed back, never to give in, never to give up! NO, NEVER! For I promised you victory upon victory, and you do not have to settle for less! Stand your ground and know that I stand alongside you to help you. I will empower you to be the winner and NOT the loser, and I will declare that you will be the undefeated champion as I raise your arm in the winner’s circle. You will have a radiant smile on your face, as you are given the victor’s crown. You will utterly defeat the diabolical works of the enemy, because I have enabled and empowered you to do so BY My Spirit in you that can never be overpowered, says the LORD.

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