The Battle is Not Yours, But Mine

Hold your head up high, says the LORD. Face the winds of adversity head on. The battle is not yours, but Mine. I will fight for you. But you must stand. You must fearlessly move forward. You must face the giants and defeat them with My sword. Setbacks are not pushing you back but setting you up. Move toward the enemy, and do not allow him to intimidate you, says the LORD.

His stout words and diabolical works will utterly fail and fall to the ground, because they have no foundation to stand upon, says the LORD. There are no weapons in his possession that that can defeat you. You have a sure foundation to stand upon, and no flood of the enemy that surrounds you will shake you. No hurricane force winds of adversity will move you. Not a hair of your head will be touched, because you have made Me your trust, and says the LORD.

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