Ultimate Victory

Your enemies that have chased after you will never catch up with you, says the LORD. Even as I have said, “Touch NOT mine anointed and do My prophets NO HARM,” I Am there to defend you and embarrass and harass those who have come against you without cause. You will see MY salvation, as you stand still in amazement and watch Me work on your behalf. I will stand in the way and put a gap between you and those who pursue you to destroy you, for you cannot be reached or touched. They have to get through Me to get to you, and that is impossible, says the LORD.

I have you in the very palm of My hands, and there is no other place of safety outside of Me, says the LORD. You will see the enemy rise up against you, just to fall in utter defeat right before your very eyes! The purposes they have devised against you will come to pass as their swords enter into their own hearts, their word curses spoken to destroy you bring utter destruction to themselves and the plans that they have that are evil will only turn against them and bring about good for you. Just wait and see! For as the sun rises in the morning, I will break through the darkness and give you the light of My glory and you will not walk in darkness or be defeated, but you will shine brightly in My kingdom as I give you grace and glory and Make My radiant face shine upon you, and fill you with MY peace, love and joy, and give you ultimate victory upon victory upon victory, says the LORD.

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