Wait Patiently on Me to Act

Be patient, says the LORD. You are not going to be disappointed when you wait on Me to act on your behalf. Don’t wring your hands or pace the floor or lose sleep over your concerns. Just give them to Me. I do not sleep, but you are supposed to. Not only can you sleep peacefully, knowing that I am handling your case, you can have peace all day long. Let Me do the thinking for you, for when you over-think, you come up with every possible problem that could happen that NEVER WILL. It is a waste of your time and energy, and you have important things to accomplish that are right before you, says the Lord.

Did you think that I would forget your problems, needs and concerns if you forget about them? I will not, says the LORD. I want you to rest, assured that I will not leave out any necessary details as I address every situation that you hand over to Me to handle. I will perform for you My infallible Word that will bring about the perfect solution for every situation, as you wait patiently on Me and believe that I am on task, on time, and handling it for you as you entrust every care to Me and have the abiding conviction that the outcome is exactly as I order it, in your favor, says the LORD.

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