You Will Be Happy as You Trust in Me

You will be happy as you trust in Me, says the LORD. Your joy will be full as you find in Me that friend who will stick with you in every moment of your existence. I will not run away from you when you are in trouble. I will not hide My face from you when you are struggling. I will HELP YOU, and lift you, and give you joy that is unspeakable, and fill you with My SPIRIT, and empower you. YOU WILL BE HAPPY in Me, says the LORD.

Happiness does NOT depend upon your circumstances, but upon your position in Me as MY child, says the LORD. Your dependency upon Me is NOT a burden, but a pleasure. I will take care of all the details. Remember, that I KNOW YOU. I have numbered the hairs on your head. I have counted all the cells in your body. I know every need that you have, and nothing has ever gotten past My attention. I ATTEND TO YOU, and will take good care of you, always, meet your needs and pour out My love on you, and I will be the constant source of your happiness, says the LORD.

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