God will FulfillTrust that your purpose is good, say the LORD. It is fulfilling! You will not be empty, but full. You will not be depleted, but empowered. You will not lose, but WIN! I have called you, and I will equip you and empower you to do exactly what I have decreed over your life. I can, and I will! Do not limit ME, for it is not up to someone else to fulfill My promises to you! I will do it Myself, for Miracles are what I do, because of WHO I AM in your life, says the LORD.

I Am in control at all times, says the LORD. Do not listen to the negative reports that are circulating around you. LOOK ONTO ME! I cannot be under the authority of anything or anyone. I dictate. I Am the SOVEREIGN. You can lean on Me, trust in Me, depend upon Me, and KNOW that MY WORD and Work will go forth, to produce exactly what I have sent it forth to do! The harvest will be GREAT! My house shall be FULL. My church shall be sanctified and pure! I will empower them, and they WILL BE POWERFUL, PRODUCTIVE, and busy harvesting, and I will be glorified in them, by beloved, My bride, says the LORD.

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