Be At Peace With Yourself

Be at peace with yourself, says the LORD. The biggest battle you will ever face is not external, but internal. I Am your abiding PEACE within. I have given you PEACE that passes all understanding, and those things you cannot understand, just LEAVE them in MY hands. Don’t try to categorize everything. Your understanding is NOT sufficient. You cannot rely on the reasoning of others or yourself. Trust Me, and have peace. Regrets for past decisions and failures will only cause you to fight against the peace I give you. I have forgiven and forgotten, cleansed you from all unrighteousness, because of your faith in Me and My shed blood for you and the finished work of the cross. Now accept this, and move forward, says the LORD.

The enemy wants you to focus on your past, and he wants you to condemn yourself and disqualify yourself from My blessings, says the LORD. DO not pay ANY attention to Him. He does NOT know what he is talking about. For what is forgiven no longer exists in heaven, is not in the records here, and need not remain in you. Enjoy the liberty that I have given you, and receive the blessings that I have authorized for you, as you embrace them by  faith in Me and My grace, My mercy, My love, and My presence that goes before you that gives you PEACE, says the LORD.

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