Bold as a Lion

Be as bold as a lion, says the LORD, for fear is not an option. I have made you undefeatable in Me.  Do not look at the enemy that rages against you as a threat. Be a threat to him.  Though he roars and violently opposes you and what I have called you to do,  I have not created you to run in terror of him. I will cause him to flee from you as you submit yourself to me and resist him bravely and boldly.  Do not back down.  I have given you My armor and equipped you with My sword of the Spirit to wear and to use.  Do not forget that you are always strong in Me, and I have empowered you to always have the victory as you stand against the forces of darkness, says the LORD.

Just as I have come to destroy the works of the devil, I have given you the commission and the equipment and the power to do the same, says the LORD.  The rage of the enemy is no match for Me, and as you are clad in Me, he cannot defeat you.  As I Am, I have called you to be.  Know who you are in Me.  I have made you a mighty warrior, and conqueror and overcomer.  Be what you are in Me!  The outcome of the battle always depends upon your participation, and when you engage the enemy you cannot lose.  So fight with valor and crush the dark one and his cohorts and release the captives that he has held in bondage.  Bring back a great spoil and take new territory for My kingdom, for I Am with you and will always cause you to triumph in Me, says the LORD.

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