Don’t Lose Hope

Humble yourself before Me, and I will lift you up, says the LORD.  Do not fear to come low and empty, for I resist the proud, and acknowledge the humble of heart.  I will fill you to capacity and overflowing as you acknowledge Me and come to Me for everything that you need.  Let your eyes be upon Me solely.  Take them off your circumstances. Look away from the critics.  Abandon yourself to Me and give Me the honor.  Do not honor those who do not honor Me, for I will only honor those who honor Me.  I will honor you, and that is the only recognition that you need. The favor that will rest upon you from Me is all that you need, for I will not only be your sufficiency, but I Am El Shaddai, your GOD that is MORE THAN ENOUGH. I will do more. I will give more. I Am everything to you, and there is no other that you can rely on at all times to provision you and empower you and position you and propel you into your destiny in Me, says the LORD.

I Am the ONE Who has called and chosen you, and your entire life is in My hands, says the LORD.  I Am the one who will equip you to do what I have envisioned you to do. I will make a way where there is no way. I own and control every person, place and thing. There is nothing inept about Me.  Why worry about what you cannot control or what you cannot do?  I will give you the green light and the vehicle to go through it on the right road that I lead you to.  I have mapped it all out for you and I will create the opportunities for you. Your times are in My hands and I will bring it to pass exactly as I have purposed.  Trust in Me and let me DO IT, for your efforts to accelerate it will not work. I will be the open door for you and set the pace and it will be perfect timing, for I Am never late.  WILL YOU TRUST ME when you don’t understand?  Stay humble before Me and depend upon ME to be the one who carries you into your personal promised land on eagles wings, For I will accomplish in you and through you EVERYTHING that I HAVE authored, FOR I AM YOUR GOD, and there is none other beside ME.  Don’t lose hope. It is time to completely trust in Me, says the LORD.

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