I have Unlimited Power, and Will Perform Unprecedented Miracles

I Am constantly doing NEW THINGS, says the LORD. I do not fit in a box, a form or a formula. I have unlimited, unprecedented power, and My ways are beyond understanding. I have unprecedented miracles that I will perform, just because I can. No one can predict what I will do, how I will do it, as they try to forecast what is next. They cannot comprehend what I have already done in the past, so how can they do so now or in the future? I will boggle the minds of everyone as I put myself on display and do the astounding, the uncharted, the amazing. Just as that becomes familiar, I will do something else. I will do astounding things that go beyond reason, and new discoveries will also be made that I have reserved for this season that will cause the wisdom of the world to look like foolishness, says the LORD.

Those who claim that I do not exist will be surprised and awed at the phenomenal, inexplicable things I will do, says the LORD. I will get their attention, because they will not be able to come up with an explanation. New signs will follow My believing ones, and they will see astounding signs and wonders. I will pour out My SPIRIT in an unpredictable way, and I will reach the young and the old alike, for I desire to reach everyone, so that they may Hear My Word, and believe in Me, says the LORD.

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