More than Enough

I AM the God of More than enough, says the LORD. I go far beyond sufficiency and need. I do not desire to give you just enough to survive, but I have released the abundance. I want you to excel in Me. I Am a GOD of excellence. I Am a GOD OF MORE! There is no ceiling or walls that surround Me and there is no end to My power and My provision. When I said that I would give you exceedingly abundantly above that which you could ever ask or think according to My Spirit and power that is within you, I meant it. I Am good for My Word, and I do not look for a reason not to fulfill it or you. I Am a doer of MY Word, and My WORD expresses My Will and My Work will correspond with it, for what I said will come to pass. You will know that My promises are unimpeachable and cannot be altered. I never lie or deceive. I do not set you up for failure or disappointment. I will exceed your expectations as I give you MORE than enough, says the LORD.

Look for the MORE of Me and seek the higher, says the LORD. For there is no end to the things that I will give you in My presence and by My power. Your visions are inferior to Mine, and your thoughts and ways and visions are smaller. Think big. Think greater, for I said that the greater works will be done in and through you as you press into ME and allow My Spirit to move through you. You have not seen anything yet, compared to the glory to come. Look up! Suit up in ME! The greater glory is coming, and the greater works will follow and the greater harvest is ahead, says the LORD.

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