Established in My Kingdom

I AM your beginning and your end, says the Lord.  I have created you.  I have birthed you into My family as you received My free gift of salvation.  I have established you in My kingdom, for the purpose that you had before the very foundation of the world.  There is nothing about you in the past, present and future that is unknown to Me.  For I Am the ever-present ONE, and planned and purposed for you before you were ever born.  I know all the steps that you would take and the choices that you would make.  There is nothing beyond My understanding that pertains to you.  Despite the times when you would disobey My voiced and go your own way, I know the end from the beginning and nothing takes me by surprise.  My plans for you have never changed.  My purposes never change.  I will do through you exactly what I planned and purposed.  I will provide for everything that I call you to do, says the LORD.

You cannot change the times and seasons that I have prescribed for you life, but you can trust Me with at all times, says the Lord. I will not lead you astray, and when you get off the path, I will bring you back.  You will have light on the path before you and I will keep you from falling or failing. Not one good word of My promises will go unfulfilled because I will cause them to come to pass in their times.  Nothing will be delayed, for I Am an on-time GOD, and will see to it that you arrive safely into the fullness of your vision without anything altering My plan and purpose for you.  I know you, and I will never forget you.  I will accomplish everything in you that I have purposed and give you your highest heart’s desire that I have placed within you. Do not despair when it seems like all is lost and that it is not going to happen, for I Am your GOD, and there is nothing that will deter My will or purpose in You.  Trust in ME with all of your heart, for as I have said it, I will do it and you will realize it when the fullness of your times come, says the LORD.

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