No Greater Power, Word, Work Than What I Will Do

I Am for you and not against you, says the LORD. The enemy may rage against you, his voice may roar threatening, terrorizing, lying words, but he cannot carry them out. Do not allow him to unsettle you! I Am the GREATER ONE with you, in you, and there is NO GREATER POWER, NO GREATER WORD, and NO GREATER WORK than what I do, will do and what WILL HAPPEN. My Words will not fall to the ground. You will not fall, as I Am holding you UP. UP IS UP, and you will not be defeated, destroyed, ruined and spoiled. I will keep you and give you PEACE, and bring you into your destiny purpose, that is GREAT, says the LORD.
Do not succumb to the voices that are vying for your attention that I did not send, says the LORD. Fear is not of ME. I Am the Almighty GOD in the midst of you. Do not become intimidated by evil, but be MY READY warriors where the Sword of MY SPIRIT proceeds out of your mouth, says the LORD.

I Am calling for healers to arise, says the LORD. For did not I say that I sent MY WORD to heal and deliver? My WORDS bring healing, and health, peace, and joy. My Words will build and not tear down. My WORD is penetrating, life-giving, and you will be a HEALER as you LISTEN to MY WORD, let it flow out of you as a river of healing and deliverance, and touch all those around you. For I have armed you with LIGHT, with MY SPIRIT, with MY PEACE, with MY POWERFUL Word, with MY SWORD of My SPIRIT, which is life giving, life changing, healing, repairing, reviving, restoring, renewing. HOPE will not be destroyed, for it is a living HOPE, fortified by MY infallible Word, and I will restore, says the LORD.

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