I Am the One Who will open and shut doors, says the LORD.  You have asked of ME. I will do it. No more confusion. No more questions. No more fear. No more doubt.  No more wrestling.  No more uncertainty.  I Am the ONE Who walks before you and I will prepare the WAY for YOU.  I will clear the path, and I will enlighten it. I will order every step. I will be with you and keep you from falling.  I will provision everything that you need, for I will bless you to be a blessing, says the Lord.

Look to Me and seek MY KINGDOM and MY RIGHTEOUSNESS, says the LORD.  Make Me your priority and watch Me supply every other need. Let your cry be for My KINGDOM to come and MY will to be done in all of your life and those that you love and WATCH THIS HAPPEN!  For My kingdom comes in power. It comes in righteousness and peace and joy in MY SPIRIT.  It will invade you. It will invade your environs. It will invade your loved ones. It will invade every person, place and thing in your life.  Do you want an invasion of ME?  Let My kingdom and My power and MY glory invade and permeate you and all that pertains onto you as you SEEK ME.  The other things are just the benefits that I will load you with as I become your fervent desire.  Let Me be the desire of your heart, your greatest desire, and I will furnish a table before you in the very presence of your enemies and you can come and eat and drink and receive every benefit that I have reserved for you there.  Nothing will I keep back from you as you Make My purposes of MY kingdom your pursuit and hunger and thirst after Me. You will be filled and overflow with My power and Spirit that will invade everything and everyone you touch.  Are you ready? I AM!  Come, says the LORD!

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