Preach MY WORD, Pronounce My KINGDOM, Produce GOOD Fruit

Stop forecasting disaster, unrighteousness, darkness and defeat, says the LORD. Start pronouncing My kingdom, preach My Word, and produce the good fruits of it. Is not My kingdom that of righteousness, peace and joy in My Holy SPIRIT? When did I extract My Spirit from you? When did I withhold My peace? When did My kingdom depart from you? For it lives in you, but not to be hid or buried under the debris of darkness, defeat, fear, and doubt, says the LORD.

My Word is the GOOD NEWS, not the bad news, and My Word produces healing, deliverance, miracles, provision, Salvation, sanctification, and is powerful, penetrating, lifegiving and light, says the LORD. As you pray that My kingdom will come and My will shall be done, do you not understand that you will be an enforcer of it? My kingdom is within, and you should have righteousness, peace and Joy in My Spirit at all times and be a carrier of it. In the last days, I will pour out My Spirit, My Holy Fire, My Miracles, Healing, Deliverance, Signs and Wonders, and that is what you are to pronounce, publish, preach, proclaim, believe, and expect. For as surely as the sun rises, I will come in great power in the midst of My church, and cleanse them, glorify them, beautify them, empower them, perfect them, fill them and fulfill them as they become a GLORIOUS CHURCH, spotless church that carries MY GLORY, and revival fires will be ignited, My kingdom expanded, and the harvest will be plenteous, ripe and ready for harvest, says the LORD.

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