Season of Refreshing

I will bring you into your season of refreshing, says the Lord. You have even wearied yourself this season, and things are about to shift. I want you to enter into My rest that I have prepared for you in My presence. It is not the inactivity that I Am speaking about: it is My easy yoke and light burden. You have struggled long enough. You have become weary in well-doing. You have become impatient in waiting and hoping, and wondered when the shift and change would come. It is rightfully upon you. I want you to experience the rest that is there for those who trust in Me. Enter into My rest, NOW. This is the place of refreshing. I will recharge you with My Spirit. I will overwhelm you with My glory that will be seen in Me. This is not the cessation of labor, but the refreshing that comes from My empowering you with My Spirit. IT makes the task easy and light. I empower you to do MORE with less effort as you go in MY strength and MY ability and MY anointing, says the Lord.

Do not weary yourself in this season, says the Lord. Come into My presence and receive NEW STRENGTH AND VITALITY. I never expected you to do this alone in what you have and what you can do. But you can do all things through ME that strengthens you. I will make the weary to rest. I will cause the hungry to be fed. I will cause the faint-hearted to stand tall in confidence in Me. I will cause the blind to see and the lame to walk. I will loose the prisoners and set them free. Come onto Me. Find rest for your sou. For I will refresh you in this season and cause you to produce for My kingdom in a greater way without you becoming weary and worn out. I did not write the book on burn-out, but said that you would have My Word in you that would burn within you like a fire. It is the fire of My Spirit that I will baptize you with in this season and cause you to minister in My power and anointing that will change you, change the environs around you and empower you to do the greater works of My kingdom that will reach the lost, the hurting and the troubled in this season. I will make it easy as you yoke up with Me and allow Me to fill you with My power and anointing, says the Lord.

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