Increase and Fullness

Trust In Me at all times, says the LORD, for fear is not of ME. I Am not the author of it, and it torments you. I Am your peace at all times, and your circumstances cannot destroy the unimpeachable peace that I give you. My peace will bring you into a quiet and confident place in Me, regardless of what is happening around you, for My settling peace is within you. It will bring you great comfort and consolation even in the midst of uncertainties. Quiet yourself in My presence. Be still and know that I Am the GOD in the midst of you. All is well with your soul; all is well, for I do all things well, and nothing that I do and nothing that is of Me will bring evil upon you. My gentleness makes you great! I will gently lead you and speak to you in My still, small voice that is within you, says the LORD.

Do not fear the unknown, says the LORD. Everything is known of ME. I know the future, and I know the things that I have prepared for you. My plans and thoughts for you are good. I will build you and expand you and bring you into a large place. You will not be boxed in and confined. Though you feel restricted, I am expanding your borders, and I am expanding you. For though you feel isolated and forgotten, I say you will not be obscure. I will make you like a city that is set upon a hill that cannot be hid. As you have been a good steward of the small, I will entrust you with the great, for your faithfulness will be rewarded openly, and your labors shall not be in vain in Me. Look ahead, for I am a God of increase, and the fullness of what I have for you is yet to come, says the LORD.

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