Victory Belongs To Me

Defeat is not an option, says the LORD. I do not know defeat, and will never set you up for it. Victory belongs to Me, and I will not purpose and plan for the enemy to overwhelm, overtake, destroy, defeat, and dominate Me and My people, says the LORD.  The gods of this world are NO match for Me. I will lead the battle as the Captain of the Hosts of My army. I cannot lead them into the traps of the enemy or let them become prisoners of war! I have already planned and purposed for ONE THING, and that is certain victory, says the LORD.

I Am the undefeated One, Who will never be intimidated by the threatening roar of the enemy, says the LORD. All things are under My command, and I am the Sovereign. Align yourselves with those who speak positive faith Words and refuse to fear and give into the lies of the enemy. Be brave enough to act on your faith in Me, for you will only be as strong in Me as your faith and trust is, and you become what you believe: a child of faith, who is fearless, unrelenting, powerful, and undefeated, regardless of the scope of the fray or the size of the enemy troops that are attacking. You cannot lose when you fight against them, for the battle is Mine, and I will be your strength, says the LORD.

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