All in All

I Am your all in all, says the Lord. Nothing in your life is out of My control even when it seems to be spinning out of control for you. I Am with you. I Am for you! I have seen every tear and bottled them. They are not on a shelf or in a storage room, but right before Me. I have heard the cry of your heart. I know the sorrow of your heart.   I see every detail of your life, and I Am not absent. You are not abandoned. I will not ignore you or refuse you or bypass you. You are not a castaway. I call you My beloved. I call you significant! I will give you beauty for the ash heap of your life as you give it to Me.  I will make the exchange. I will give you My oil of joy for your sorrow. I will give you light in the midst of darkness that is all around you, even darkness that can be felt, and make a way for you where there is no way, says the Lord.

Place no confidence in the flesh and do not lean on the counsel of man, says the Lord.  For I Am your wonderful, all-wise and everlasting Counselor.  I Am peace in the midst of the storms of your life. I Am peace that is available for you, and will bring you into a calm and safety on the other side, unscathed, untouched and secure. I will give you rest as you relinquish control and let Me pilot you. Let Me be your hope and trust. Stay in My presence and wait on Me! As you do, I will renew you, give you strength, and give you what no other can. Let Me fulfill you as I  furnish a table for you that is packed with all that you need and has hidden treasures for you to discover.  I will bring you into your full destiny. I will do it as you take the steps that I order for you and keep your faith in Me. Place your focus your attention upon Me, away from the distractions and problems that are vying for your attention. Let Me take you, one step at a time, forward. For your destiny is in front of you, and I will surely lead you and guide you and secure you as you entrust your all to Me at all times, says the Lord.

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