I Will Give You Rest

I will give you rest, says the Lord.  Enter into My rest by faith.  I will give strength to the weary and restore comforts to you.  Come into My presence and rest in Me.  Though you are heavy laden, come to Me and cast your burdens upon Me and allow Me to sustain you.  Take upon you My easy yoke and light burden.  You are overloaded with the cares of this life that I did not intend for you to carry.  Just let Me carry the burdens, all of them, and enter into My rest.  As long as you want to carry the load, you will remain burdened.  Shift the cares of this life onto Me and relax in My presence.  I will take care of everything.  Entrust Me with everything.  Come and empty all upon Me, and let My perfect peace penetrate you and remain in your mind and heart continually, regardless of your circumstances, says the Lord.

Don’t allow yourself to become weary in your labors in Me, for your harvest will be great.  Your labor is not vain in Me.  I will reward everything you do for Me.  Everything! Just stay the course.  Look onto Me Who is the author and finisher of your faith.  Your tears will not reap more tears, but a harvest of joy, as I reward you openly. My unspeakable joy awaits you in My presence as you allow Me to carry the burdens that you illegitimately carry, and entrust Me to bring you into your new season of rejoicing, as you gather in the harvest and receive the rewards of your labors for Me and My kingdom.  Come to Me now and find perfect peace that you long for.  I will give it to you as My irrevocable gift if you will just enter into the rest that I have provided for you, as you relinquish your fears and doubts and entrust your total care to me, says the Lord.

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