perfect peace

Perfect Peace

Perfect peace comes only when you have perfect trust in me, says the Lord. You will only have peace in the areas of your life that you relinquish control of and give to Me. Why are you holding onto things that you cannot fix, change or control, I ask? Do you think that you have a better solution than I can give? Do you believe that I will not give you the answer you are looking for? If you want to handle things your way, you can. I have watched you wrestling with things that you have not entrusted Me with. Give up the controls to Me. Will you also wrestle with Me in these things?  Trust that I will give you the perfect answer that will give you perfect peace, says the LORD.

Trust that I will not withhold any good thing from you, says the Lord. You will only enter into My rest as you cease from your own labor in these areas you have not surrendered to Me. I do not want to be your co-pilot in anything. Let Me be the Lord of your whole life: everything. It is My easy yoke and light burden that I want you to have. I Am not yoking up with your heavy burden and difficult yoke, but you are to link with Mine that is easy and light. I Am calling you to come to Me. Hold onto nothing. Surrender everything to Me, and all that you commit to My care will give you great liberty and relief. I will strengthen you, help you, uphold you in everything as you let Me take the lead, and you follow. Are you ready to give it all to Me? I have available My all for you. Come to Me in complete surrender and trust in My tender loving, ever present care and almighty ability, and you will have the perfect, sustaining peace that you long for, says the Lord.

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