My grace I shed on you, says the Lord. It is My poured out offering onto you as you receive it by your faith and trust in Me. You will not be cast out as you come to Me. I will receive you. I will hear your cry. I will answer you. I will give you the desires of your heart as you wait on Me. My grace is more than you could ever expect, more than you can imagine, and always sufficient and abundant for you as you receive it, says the LORD.

If I loved you and gave My life for you while you were yet a sinner, what will I do for you as you now come to Me as My beloved child? If I loved you before you could call Me, Father, and give you the unspeakable gift of eternal life, then believe Me for the grace to have abundant life as well. I freely give you My grace, My mercy that endures forever, and My infallible love. You are favored by Me, as I set My love upon you, and I will forgive your sins, forget them, and heal you, because you have confessed them and trusted in My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you, and believe on My holy name, says the LORD

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