Call upon Me in your day of trouble, and I will answer you, says the LORD. My ears are open to your cry and I will come to your rescue at the sound of your voice. The enemy is NO match for Me, and I declare that you are undefeated. The enemy will not vex you and brag about destroying you. NO! I Am your defense. I will swiftly snatch you from the jaws of the lion and claws of the bear, for I Am your Good Shepherd, and you are precious to Me, says the LORD.

I Am your protector, says the LORD. I have My watchful eye upon you, day and night. The enemy cannot get away with a sneaky attack, for I will know his plans and plots against you, and foil everyone of them. You can depend upon My care for you at all times, and you will not be defeated by the evil one, because I will fight for you, I will comfort you, and bring you into the shelter of My arms, says the LORD.

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