I Will Open New Doors for You

I will open up new doors for you that you never saw before because they did not even exist, says the LORD. I will create them for you and you will not only discover them, but walk through them with ease. The way will be made clear and bright for you, so that you will not wonder if this is it or not. This is not a game of chance or guess work. My will and way and plan and purpose is precise, not distorted, clouded, dark and ify, says the Lord.

Trust that when I open a door, no man can close it, says the LORD. Don’t fear the unknown that is well-known by Me. I will prepare the way, and also prepare you for what is next. Get excited, not frightened by the changes that will occur, for they are not to be dreaded as opposition, but embraced as opportunity. I have been preparing My remnant and ready warriors for such a time as this, and they are going to be valiant, undefeated, and victorious in this season, and I will bring a great revival in the land, and use them for My glory, says the LORD.

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