My Infallible Word

I have placed My infallible Rhema Word within you heart and in your mouth, says the LORD.  I AM giving you a download of MY thoughts and showing you MY ways that are higher than yours. Do not fret about what you do not know or understand, because you see through a glass darkly. I will lead and guide you

Your Struggles

I see your struggles and Know the difficulties that you are having. I even know the questions that you have, says the Lord. I Am the One who is called along side to help you at all times and will see you through.  I Am with you in the times when you cannot understand. I Know the sorrow that you have endured. I see your pain, and I care about you.  It touches My

No Boundaries

I Am not restricting you, says the Lord. I Am limitless and have no boundaries.  I Am not binding you, but releasing you to walk in liberty.  I AM breaking every yoke and loosing you from every bondage by My infallible Spirit, says the Lord. You are unfettered in Me.  You are not bound.  You are free to be all that I created you to be.  This is the

Your Breakthrough Is Coming

Your breakthrough is coming, says the Lord.  Do not give up when the enemy has increased his warfare against you.  It is only because he is losing the battle and the war.  I Am increasing My angelic power to assist you as you work toward the final push.  Not only will your breakthrough happen but you will push the enemy

I Am the Lord That Heals You

By His Stripes we are Healed

The Lord says, I Am the Lord that heals you. I want you to be whole this very day. It is what I fully purchased for you, and declared to be a finished work when I suffered the many stripes and died on the cross for you. There was nothing that you need that was left out. I died that you

Receive Your Miracle by Faith

Everything is Possible

Receive your miracle by faith and trust in Me, says the Lord.  I Am a God of miracles now.  I perform them all the time!  Miracles are not a sign of the times nor are they a merely a historical event.  I Am the same yesterday, today and forever, says the Lord.  ONLY BELIEVE!  DO YOU BELIEVE?  DO YOU TRUST

I Will Heal All Your Wounds

I will heal all your wounds and restore health onto you, says the Lord. I want you to be completely whole! As you look into My Word, you will never find that anyone was denied when they called upon Me. I healed every one of them. You are no exception. Healing is what I purchased for you by the many

Carefree and Unfettered

Carefree and unfettered is what I want you to be, says the Lord. I have come to liberate you and set you free. I do not want you encumbered with the cares of life. I place no premium on your sadness, suffering and pain. I do not want you depressed, weak or frail, says the Lord. My will for you

Expect the Impossible to Happen

Expect the impossible to happen, says the Lord.  Expect miracles, signs and wonders.  I Am a God of healings.  I Am a God of Miracles.  I Am a God of deliverance.  I Am a God of signs and wonders.  The supernatural is natural to Me, says the Lord.  Nothing is beyond My ability. I want you to increase your vision

Healing Is for You

Healing is for you, says the Lord.  You do not earn it; it is a gift that I have given you by My grace and finished work on the cross.  Healing is always on the table that I have spread for you in My presence.  Come and dine.  Come eat freely, says the Lord.  I want you to enjoy health