My Peace is Your Portion

My Peace is your portion in the Land of the living, says the LORD. It is independent of your circumstances and the challenges you encounter. It exceeds the attacks of the enemy and the violent storms of life that you face. Even the sudden storms cannot shake you or overwhelm you as you enter into Me. I Am your shelter,

Daily Devotional: Trust in Your Name

Thank you, Lord for giving us a relationship with you that is personal and powerful. You are our GOD that we know and have as, Savior, Lord, Healer, Redeemer, help, and Best Friend. We put our trust in you, who will never forsake us as we seek your help and call upon your great name; and you will always answer.

Things Will Come Together

My will shall be done in earth as it is in heaven, says the LORD. Who can stop ME from performing it? Can I be counseled? Can I be advised? Can I be manipulated? Can I be controlled? Can any power overwhelm ME? Nothing can interfere with My plans and purposes and will, and nothing can change what I have

Daily Devotional: Teaches you to Profit

Thank you Lord, for being our GOD that teaches us how to profit and prosper and shows us the path that leads to good things that you have laid up in store for us to discover. You are our help, and have redeemed us for a purpose, and you equip us for success as we trust in you always to

Daily Devotional: God our Redeemer

We thank you, Lord, because you are our redeemer.  We are not enslaved by any person, place or thing.  Nothing can harm us because you save us, defend us, and fight for us with your strong, outstretched arms. There is none greater than you, and you are on our side. We have nothing to fear, as we place our confidence

I Want You to be Whole

By His Stripes we are Healed

I never take any pleasure in your pain, says the LORD. I did not authorize it, create it or command any such thing. I want you to be whole, for that is what I purchased for you by My shed blood and death on the cross for you. I do not want you bound, but I have come to set