By His Stripes we are HealedI never take any pleasure in your pain, says the LORD. I did not authorize it, create it or command any such thing. I want you to be whole, for that is what I purchased for you by My shed blood and death on the cross for you. I do not want you bound, but I have come to set you FREE! Disease and sickness and tormenting fear is just the opposite of MY WORK in you. I came to deliver you, liberate you, save you, heal you, revive you, empower you and give you abundant life in Me, says the LORD.

The works of the devil is what I have come to destroy, and I cannot ever align with him, says the LORD. Do not accept that it is My will for you to be in pain and poverty, when I have come to bless you, not burden you. I do not use sickness and pain and problems to teach you a lesson. That is the lie of the enemy. I want you to be well and strong, for you are My beloved child, and I Am your comforter, not your tormentor. I AM your Savior, Redeemer and LORD, and I not only supply you with everything that you need, but I Am always MORE than enough for you. BELIEVE in ME and My love for you, and know that MY PURPOSE for you is only good, My thoughts and plans are powerful, and I take great pleasure in taking care of you, as you place your trust in Me, says the LORD.

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