Don’t be afraid, says the LORD. Fear will only cause you unrest and take away all your peace. I Am your peace. I have ordained rest for you as you refuse to believe the negative reports that you hear everyday that will only bring you instability. I Am with you to hold you up, make you immovable, and give you a foundation to stand upon that will not crumble or erode during the worst storms in life that you are facing and will face, says the LORD.

You are safe and secure in Me at all times, says the LORD. You can lean on Me, trust in Me, and know that I Am on your side. You do not need to look further, for I Am your Savior. I Am your Healer. I Am your Deliverer. I Am your Provider. I Am your hope that is alive! I Am life, and give you life. I Am your peace, and I will not fail you. You can forfeit all fear and place your trust in ME. For there is nothing that can shake you, destroy you, weaken you, as you make ME your total trust at all times. You will withstand the storms, and you will still be standing when others fall, as you place your trust in Me to always be your source and supply, says the LORD.

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