Daily Devotional: TRIUMPHANT in Christ

Thank you, Lord, for always making us triumph in you. We are not defeated, but we are well able to overcome, because you are with us, in us, and our lives are a living example to others of the knowledge of your faithfulness and presence, as you give us the victory in every situation that we face in life. Amen

Daily Devotional: Strengthened and Delivered

Lord, I thank you, that you are the One who stood by me when others abandoned me in my time of need. You strengthened me and delivered me out of the lion’s mouth in the sight of others, that I could have a testimony of your faithfulness. I trust that you will yet deliver me from all evil, and give

I Am the GOD of the TURN Around For You

Hold onto your faith and trust in Me at all times, says the LORD. Be patient for Me to act on your behalf. I will fight for you. I will deliver you. I will rescue you. I will save you. I will turn things around for you. Remember the patience of Job, and what HE suffered? Yes, he had unanswered

Your Present Difficulties Have a Purpose

You are not going through anything without Me, and everything will turn around for you for your good in time, as you trust in Me at ALL TIMES, says the LORD.  Your present difficulties have a purpose. The enemy wants to confuse you, distract you,  you and cause you to have tormenting fear that paralyzes you.  But HOLD ON! You

You Will Overcome

Do not allow the trials of this life cause you to lose your faith and trust in Me, says the Lord. You will overcome all that you have suffered by the word of your own testimony, and My blood that was shed for you. Do not lose your testimony. As you look at the things that you lost, but rejoice

Trust Me!

Don’t wait for your situations to change before you trust in Me, says the LORD. Trust in Me at all times! For your testimony of My faithfulness is what I want you to declare and hold fast to THAT profession of faith, when the winds of adversity howl, the flood gates of the enemy are open against you, and there