You are not going through anything without Me, and everything will turn around for you for your good in time, as you trust in Me at ALL TIMES, says the LORD.  Your present difficulties have a purpose. The enemy wants to confuse you, distract you,  you and cause you to have tormenting fear that paralyzes you.  But HOLD ON! You will become stronger, not weaker.  You will come out of your trials untouched, and you will have a testimony of My faithfulness to you.  When you do not know what to do, be assured that I order your steps.  Take one at a time, and when you see none, just wait on Me.  I will open and shut doors that no man can alter either way, and you will not be able to, either.  I will protect you, lead you, and brighten the path before you, and give you peace. Be at peace in the midst of your uncertainties, knowing that I KNOW the way that you take, your times and seasons are in My hands, and you will not lack any good thing, says the LORD.

BE PATIENT and wait for Me to act on your behalf, says the LORD.  Be patient with the process.  You are My workmanship, a work in progress.  The process is messy to you but not to me.  I will sort things out for you, put them in the right order, and your perspective will change, as you relinquish the controls of your life to me, and trust Me even when you cannot see, do not know, and at times feel trapped in your circumstances.  I will be with you always, to secure you, comfort you, direct you, and furnish you unto every good work that I have called you to do. I have no unfinished business, for you are MY business, for I have created you for purpose and that purpose will unfold, and I will perfect what concerns you as you wait on Me, says the LORD.

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