Hold onto your faith and trust in Me at all times, says the LORD. Be patient for Me to act on your behalf. I will fight for you. I will deliver you. I will rescue you. I will save you. I will turn things around for you. Remember the patience of Job, and what HE suffered? Yes, he had unanswered questions. So do you. His very own friends accused him falsely. You have suffered that. People mocked him, rejected him, ridiculed him, abandoned him, disrespected him, dishonored him, and added to his pain. Though you too have suffered some of these same things, HOLD ON! Says the LORD.

I turned things around for him, and I will turn things around for you, says the LORD. As suddenly as his trials came, I turned his captivity. I came suddenly and powerfully on the scene, and He received double anointing, double blessing, double respect, and double everything that he lost, before his faith was tested. I will do the same thing for you! I will turn things around for you, and you will have a double portion of everything you lost, as you trust in Me. Your testimony awaits you, as you come through the difficulties with triumph in Me, and receive the double portion that I have for you, as I turn things around for YOU, says the LORD.

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