There is Nothing Too Big or Small for Me

Since I Am the One who has numbered the hairs on your head and recorded all your parts in My book, is there anything about you that is too small for Me to handle? There is nothing to big or too small for Me, says the LORD. As you partner with Me, you will KNOW that I Am concerned with details. I see the unseen. I know the unknown. My understanding is infinite, and nothing escapes my attention. You can trust in My attentive, precise, perfect, meticulous care for you. I Am at work in the things that are small, for Only I can connect the dots that are obscure to you. Don’t eliminate Me from anything, but entrust your total care and welfare to Me, for I will not leave anything out, but will do all things well for you, says the LORD.

Little things matter, and I will PERFECT that which concerns you, as you give ME the complete reigns of your life, says the LORD. Walk with Me, carefree and unburdened. I will make the way clear, as I remove the obstacles. I will purify the atmosphere around you, so that you can inhale My breath of life. I will give you light that will be brilliant, but not blinding. You will see clearly. You will know what you are to do. You will not need to fret about anything at all, for all things are in My control, and you can entrust your entire life to Me, knowing that it will be well with you, for I do ALL THINGS well, says the LORD.

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